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Thread: Granny units and infill housing

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    Granny units and infill housing

    Small well built units attached or detached in a backyard or sideyard having small bdrm and bath with kitchen or main house kitchen access or no cooking at all scattered about the town wherever they can be built at reasonable expense would seem to be a sensible scheme to increase affordable housing in most towns.If the towns and cities don^t get in the way with clumsy regulations and outmoded codes I^m sure small units could be built up above garages too,these lowrent units can help the homeowner to pay the mortgage....

    I have seen many beautiful small cottages and out- buildings in the backyards of many a home.many small buildings can consist of one room and a loft ..there was a book a few years ago called "tiny houses"which contained many great ideas..one could design a kit or a modular system which could bump out from the kitchen of the mainhouse...or build a kitchen/bath unit and arrange bedrooms around it. the fact is that there is a housing crisis in many parts of the country and we need to be creative in order to house everyone decently and simply.

    If just 5% of the homeowners in my city added a room to their house and rented it for a reasonable $300-$325 per month we would have no homeless in my town.and if every town encouraged homeowners to rent a room to the poor for a reasonable rent we would have no homeless in the u.s.a...it is a notional disgrace to have citizens living on the street or in those hellholes called shelters or mission s in this day and age "2000 AD" in one of the rich est nations on earth,lets fix it...

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    I am pleased that your homeless population wants to room in traditional single family housing and has $300 a month for rent. My experiences have been otherwise. But you do have a good idea, one that could help some. Historically, older farm homes often had a sleeping room, accessible only from the exterior, for "itinerants".

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    thanks Mike,thats just what i had in mind,many good ideas have fallen out of fashion and should be resurrected..I^ ve lived in SROs in the past and i really liked having just the right balance of sociability and solitude,security,privacy,yet anytime i felt like inviting someone out for coffee i had that option,..I really miss the housing which was destroyed by URBAN REMOVAL,now every town is like every other town and the housing options are ticky tacky or tacky ticky and pay through the nose..
    oh well,the rich get richer and the poor..???

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