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Thread: Architects and interior designers

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    Architects and interior designers

    I am researching material for an article to be published in www.marbleandmore.com

    And I would love to hear from Architects and Interior Designers who work or have worked with Italian companies who produce marble, granite or any other kind of natural stone.

    Please contact Gwen Mc Guirk at info@marbleandmore.com

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    Hi, I'm a Korean student, and I'm writing this because there's something I want to know. I was told from my brother-in-law who works for a construction company that in some movies(`Sabotage' etc), on the roof of some old buildings, especially the ones with not higher than 10 stories, he could see some pebbles laid on the ground. And we don't have that kind of stuff in Korea, which made him wonder what that's for. Is it one of ways of construction? Please give me some answers about that.

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    covering flat roofs with pebbles is quite common
    method in our country (Czech Republic, Central Europe).
    These roof construction consist of several layers (from top to bottom) :

    - pebbles (usually mined from rivers)
    - double water-proof insulation (some plastic foils)
    - thermal insulation (extruded polystyrene or something)
    - separating foil
    - concrete sloped layer
    - load-bearing construction

    Ad pebbles : they serve as a protection of hydro-isolation against direct sunlight and other environmental influences. They also look much better than bare flat roofs. This can be important when there are some higher buildings around, from where people can look onto the roof.


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    am architecture engineering.....and i like all the interior designs.....so i wanna take a look about what u have to increase mu nowledge....Duaa

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