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Thread: Relocation is everything

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    Mar 1996
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    Relocation is everything

    From suck.com :


    You're getting to that age. Suddenly everything about the city you live in seems wrong, dead wrong. Suddenly you know that if you don't get out of Dodge real quicklike, you're gonna spend the rest of your days doing the exact same crap you've done for the past five years. Which might be harrowing indeed, if you could remember the past five years beyond a particularly tasty carne asada burrito here and there.

    Are you looking for justification for a sudden change of location? Fill in the blanks in the chart below and read it back to yourself until you're ready to call the movers.

    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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    Aug 2001
    Nice... in four years I may need this. Or maybe at the end of another six-month subzero winter.

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    Aug 2001
    Capital Region, NY
    hmm...i've been trying to figure out the best way to tell people why i am moving...

    Information necessitating a change of design will be conveyed to the designer after and only after the design is complete. (Often called the 'Now They Tell Us' Law) - Fyfe's First Law of Revision

    We don't believe in planners and deciders making the decisions on behalf of Americans. -- George W. Bush , Scranton, PA -- 09/06/2000

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    Oct 2001

    my 0.02

    Being a military brat and having moved every, on average, 2.5 years of my life since 1963. I can firmly state that ALL places suck. Each sucks in its own unique way. That is what makes a place charming. Also, every place also has something very nice about it. You just have to adapt and enjoy your suroundings. For instance I actually lived in Dodge City once. It really sucked. But it also had many charms. It is the yeng and the yang of your mental map that matters. Prozac helps also.

    (Exception: Oklahoma throughly sucks and has no charms)
    el Guapo is a former 20 year +/- urban planner (just like you) who thought becoming an attorney was a good life choice.

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