Hello planners and Radiohead lovers everywhere.
I didn't get any more Radiohead for Christmas, but did get a Grand Funk Railroad CD and am now listening to best of Doors album.

Just wanted to ask all you fine folks what big planning issues, concerns you might see ahead in 2005----possibly starting with the tone you are receiving from Washington, DC on development, the environment and like concerns.
On the local scene, how about planning and regulation of big box stores, etc. Still a major concern? We have only one large general store in Barrow, so no real personal experience. And truthfully, when I fully retire and possibly wind up someday in a town with a Walmart, my dream is to become a Walmart greeter.
what better job could there be than to get paid for greeting folks, pointing them toward sales and the Radiohead CD's (and others) and maybe getting to talk about the Chicago Cubs with baseball fans????
Anyway, hope you are all having a warm holiday season and that 2005 will be healthy, productive and happy. And I'll see you all in the Wrigley Field bleachers for game one of the 2005 World Series with the Cubs winning of course.
Hey hey