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Thread: What are your New Year's Resolutions? (if any)

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    Cyburbian GISgal's avatar
    Feb 2003

    What are your New Year's Resolutions? (if any)

    In past year's I never made New Year's Resolution.

    Last year (2004) I made some and kept some:

    Lose weight - kept
    Exercise more - kept for a while
    Spend more time w/friends and family - kept

    For this next year:

    Spend less time at work
    Exercise more

    If you make resolutions what are yours for 2005?

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    Cyburbian Habanero's avatar
    Dec 2001
    I usually do fairly well, last year my big goal was to buy a house and I did that in June. My upcoming year will hopefully see me losing 10% of my weight before Mr. Hab and I start on a family (yes, that's a resolution too), oh and go to Ireland.
    When Jesus said "love your enemies", he probably didn't mean kill them.

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    Forums Administrator & Gallery Moderator NHPlanner's avatar
    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    Moderator note:
    No need for a poll here, folks, feel free to reply to the thread though.
    "Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how." -- Edward T. McMahon, The Conservation Fund

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    Oct 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ
    http://www.cyburbia.org/forums/showthread.php?t=9952 For anyone who wants to review their 2004 resolutions.

    Mine from that thread...
    1. Baby making. Done, Spencer was born Dec 14.
    2. Another dog. Done, Lacy is a great little dog
    3. Successful new business venture. Still working on that.
    4. Remodel bathroom. Done. I am over achiever. Did baby nursery and some custom closets too.
    5. Gain 10 pounds....of muscle. It isn't muscle.
    6. Move.Decided against that and bought new car to accomodate baby.
    7. Segway. Nope, expensive toy.
    8. Reduce consuption of crappy Chinese goods.Yes, but it is extremely hard. Baby has necessitated Chinese good purchases a plenty. Tons of baby stuff (seems like all) is Chinese made.
    9. Build nixie clock.Nope. Would still on my to do list.
    10. Drink more, period. About the same.

    For 2005...
    New job (hope you get one too Donk)
    Install pool fence
    New table saw
    Build new bed
    Log more miles on my treadmill

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    Cyburbian Budgie's avatar
    Feb 2000
    Sans Souci
    I, Budgie, do hereby resolve not to make resolutions I can't keep.


    1. Drink less beer and more vodka. (I actually drank more of both in 2004 vs. 2003)

    2. Get laid. (Yep, yep, yep .........)

    3. Go camping with my kids. (Yes, went on the 4th of July and got a citation for shooting fireworks at a State park.)

    4. Read "War and Peace". (It's still on the shelf)

    5. Finish my Budgie CD collection and start on UFO. (Nope.)

    6. See Primus live again. (Yep, saw them on their first date of the Fromage 2004 Tour)

    7. Begin revising the City's Comp. Plan, which is currently a 1969 vintage. (Yes, wrapping up initial citizen input early this coming year)

    8. Visit Rumpy Tuna. (Hey, don't we have some land in New Mexico to visit? I did make it to th 29 Steps though)

    9. Learn to play the banjo. (YES, I can rip out about 6 tunes, competently)

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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    Quote Originally posted by Myself, over a year ago.
    - Get a life.
    That should do
    Eh...maybe 2005... or maybe never...

    Although I won't make any NYR this year.
    Ok maybe just one, like last year:
    That's gonna be hard...

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    Cyburbian donk's avatar
    Sep 2001
    skating on thin ice
    Finish house (floor on main level anyways and trim). Done as I walked out the door.
    Move. Done
    Get a new job.Done
    Reduce impulsive purchases (books, clothing, music) Nope
    Take a real vacation. Nope


    Figure out what I am really supposed to be doing. If I am still moping this time next year, someone please shoot me and put me out of my misery.
    New job.
    Reduce impulse purchases.
    Take a real vacation.
    Ride my bike more.
    Keep the weight that I have lost off. Nearly 40 lbs this year, may try to gain 10-15 back, in muscle.

    The more things change the more they stay the same....
    Last edited by donk; 29 Dec 2004 at 7:18 PM.
    Too lazy to beat myself up for being to lazy to beat myself up for being too lazy to... well you get the point....

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    Cyburbian Richmond Jake's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Emerald Coast
    Mine from last year:
    Drink less alcohol and smoke fewer cigars.
    Laugh and smile more frequently to help avoid these bouts of depression.
    Join the clube.
    I did pretty good. Quite smoking, not at all depressed about being in Florida , and I joined teh 2k clubbe.

    But this year: naw, I just don't want to give it any thought.

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    Cyburbian Zoning Goddess's avatar
    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    No "personal self-improvement stuff". Just hoping to enlarge the back patio so the offspring has a better place to play basketball. And paint the kitchen cabinets.

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    Cyburbian munibulldog's avatar
    Nov 2004
    Where 8 Mile hits Lake M1
    My goal is to commit traffic engineering sabotage and grind the system to a halt.

    My Plan: Drive the Speed Limit, or a little bit slower.


    I can take the whole freaking system down!

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    Cyburbian Rumpy Tunanator's avatar
    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally posted by Budgie
    I, Budgie, do hereby resolve not to make resolutions I can't keep.


    1. Drink less beer and more vodka. (I actually drank more of both in 2004 vs. 2003)

    2. Get laid. (Yep, yep, yep .........)

    8. Visit Rumpy Tuna. (Hey, don't we have some land in New Mexico to visit? I did make it to th 29 Steps though)
    I need to do 1-2 also

    As for New Mexico, yes I think its time for a roadtrip. I'll have to see what's buried out there. Must get to 29 steps also.

    I can't think of what I made last year, so I'll go with 2005

    1.Get new job
    2.Quit drinking hairspray and windshield wiper fluid
    3.Visit Budgie
    4.Go fishing more
    5.____________________ That could be self incriminating
    6.Get boots fixed
    7.Quit being a loose cannon waiting to explode
    8.Visit friend in L.A.
    9.Save some money

    That's it for now................................

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    Cyburbian Trail Nazi's avatar
    Feb 2003
    Encroaching on something
    Quote Originally posted by Zoning Goddess
    And paint the kitchen cabinets.
    I love to paint. I'll come help if we can get Duhlene to watch Mac.

    For me, Mr. TN and I have a bet to see who can get in better shape by April 1st.
    Aside from that little competition, I just want to save some money.

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    Mod Gedunker's avatar
    Aug 2003
    The Wonderland Way
    Quote Originally posted by Me, a year ago
    I herefore highly resolve:

    To continue to think of new and nefarious ways to dishonor the sabbath of APA/AICP;This is an on-going activity

    To finish the kitchen in its totality before allowing Mrs. Gedunker to start ANY new projects for me;Define "totality". Actually, I'd say I'm 98% complete.

    To welcome the new administration with no fewer than 25 Zoning NOV letters -- better now than in four years ; and, Done. The new Commission attorney loves me.

    To slack harder. Joined teh clube and nearing bb
    For 2005, fewer vices and more virtues.
    Not valid without corporate seal

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    Cyburbian GeogPlanner's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Capital Region, NY
    From 2004:
    1. Move. New job? Got a second job. Still waiting on a new planning one...
    2. Laefest. Victim of budgets.
    3. Join a new gym. Did it. Haven't been in a while though
    4. Retire the 98 Cavalier for a new car. 2004 Malibu!
    5. More conferences (once I have a new job that will send me). Still waiting...
    6. Pay off a significant portion of my credit card debit. I think that I've done pretty good on that one.

    For 2005:
    1. Lose weight and fail to find it.
    2. Get that job!
    3. Write an article or two.
    4. Figure out how to do the jobs of 4 people as one person until I land the next job.
    5. 2 Clube.
    6. Learn Italian.
    7. AICP
    "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." --Steve Martin

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    Cyburbian el Guapo's avatar
    Oct 2001
    Ride 3000 miles in 2005
    Help 6 kids earn their Eagle Scout
    Papmper my wife.
    Plant the beginings of a vineyard in my sideyard.
    Brew some beer.
    el Guapo is a former 20 year +/- urban planner (just like you) who thought becoming an attorney was a good life choice.

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    Cyburbian boiker's avatar
    Dec 2001
    West Valley, AZ
    Quote Originally posted by Boiker last year
    I will stare at my wallet and make sure it doesn't do anything stupid like goto the electronics store and buy unneccessary things. WOO HOO! A couple close calls (purchased...then returned) But we did it baby!
    Also, continue to be the best dad and husband I can. I believe I have earned my stripes this year.
    2005 Resolutions:

    Eliminate at least 1, hopefully 2 credit line/cards.
    Finish Kitchen work
    Finish Master Bedroom redecorating.
    Finish pulling out carpet
    Refinish the wood floors
    Buy a van
    Start landscaping design/maintenance around the house
    Be exceptionally frugal, that in '06 I can actually spend money on lesuire.
    Organize the garage

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    From 2004

    1) Finish work on the house - no more procrastinating! well, I got a good chunk done

    2) Drop 10 pounds did it, but it managed to pick it up again

    3) Continue to eat healthy, less meat more veggies done

    4) Create a life, or at least practice lots with Mrs. Tranplanner no baby, but lots of practice Seeing the experts in the new year


    1) Keep going to the gym (lose that 10lbs again)
    2) Finish the house renovation (upstairs - trim, basement, total)
    3) Make a baby
    4) Stay vegetarian
    5) Ride the bike to work as much as possible

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    Cyburbian Richmond Jake's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Emerald Coast
    Quote Originally posted by el Guapo
    ...[snip]...Plant the beginings of a vineyard in my sideyard...[snip]...
    Whoa!!!! Great idea. I'm calling nurseries this weekend.

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    Cyburbian Man With a Plan's avatar
    Jul 2004
    Arlington, VA
    I would like to become self-actualized in 2005.

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    moderator in moderation Suburb Repairman's avatar
    Jun 2003
    at the neighboring pub
    Quote Originally posted by el Guapo
    Help 6 kids earn their Eagle Scout

    I've been coordinating Eagle service projects in our community since I'm an Eagle myself. It's a lot of fun for me and really gives the City some much needed good PR.

    Past stuff for 2004:
    pop the question: check
    practice making babies: check
    get in better shape: check
    lose weight: a little, so check
    eat healthier: not enough to get credit, so no check
    cycle more: check for half of year prior to destruction of bike
    graduate: check
    start grad school: check
    begin wedding planning: check

    For 2005:
    get a sexy bod for wedding/honeymoon (will the six pack return???)
    get married
    practice making babies
    survive grad school through year
    eat better
    get a new bike
    find a decent apartment/house for rent (buy if opportunity presents itself)

    "Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country."

    - Herman Göring at the Nuremburg trials (thoughts on democracy)

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    Cyburbian Michele Zone's avatar
    Jul 2003
    SW-Coastal WA
    Quote Originally posted by MZ Last year
    1. Teach my sons Algebra -- well, at least the oldest. Um,yeah. In my dreams. Gave up.
    2. Sit down with oldest son and force him to study for learner's permit. Drag him kicking and screaming to get said learner's permit. God willing, he gets it and then I can torture both of us with teaching actual driving so he can get his driver's license.Um,yeah. In my dreams. Gave up.
    3. If I succeed in 1 and 2, send the brat to college and wash my hands of homeschooling him in the fall. I am sick of reading physics books. God must hate me. What kind of a psycho child actually LIKES physics? (Oh, yeah, the spawn of my psycho husband, who also likes physics.)Um,yeah. In my dreams. Gave up.
    4. Think about making my kids actually work at learning a foreign language -- the first thing to slip to the bottom of the list anytime we are too overwhelmed to meet all educational goals, which has been sort of an ongoing state for some 3 years now.Um,yeah. In my dreams. Gave up.
    5. Finish painting bedframe in shed so we have a bed in our bedroom before hubby gets back "permanently" from his TDY trip. Yeah, I did this. And now I am sleeping on the floor and selling the bedframe.
    6. See if there is any hope in hell of reducing my daily meds to what they were before I brilliantly went and visited the Smog for eight weeks last year.Doing EXTREMELY well on this one. Hallelujah!!
    7. Start making an actual income. Um,yeah. In my dreams. Maybe next year.
    8. Launch business and/or get job in order to accomplish #7.Got my business license, business bank account, etc. Not a total failure. Call it "laying the groundwork".(I did have one paying client for a time. I still have a client who will pay me, theoretically, eventually, if we can find a grant or something.)
    9. Learn html so I can quit nagging my friend who is fed up enough with my nagging that she bought me "the professor teaches html" as a Christmas present, .Doing well with this. Definitely Pleased.
    10. Finish putting a backlog of homeschooling material up on my website so I can move on to putting up new material and focus more on the 'design'/planning/etc part of my website.Doing well with this. Definitely Pleased.
    11. Figure out how to put a free gis on my laptop and find "local" data for it. Um,yeah. In my dreams. Maybe next year.

    12. I have a few zillion other goals, that I won't bore you with. Accomplished some of these: launched solanorail.com and healthgazelle.com; filed for a couple of fictitious business names, one of which is In Use and the other on the back burner; took an all new direction with homeschooling my kids which has been extremely successful, unlike the silly goals I listed as "new year's resolutions" last year; made progress towards my degree; etc
    And my goals for 2005:
    1. I reiterate: Make Actual Mullah. (Without printing it in the basement, cuz I don't have a basement. ) Specifically, I need to come up with at least a grand a month before hubby leaves. A part-time job paying $10+ per hour is a possibility to get me through while I figure out other answers.
    2. Do better on this "business" thingy.
    3. Get my own apartment when hubby leaves -- ie. move out of this mildew-infested hell-hole to some place that works for me and my two sons.
    4. Continue to reduce my meds and grow healthier, defying all odds.
    5. Pay off my Bombay card in the next few weeks so that when hubby leaves, the only debt I have is my student loan.
    6. Decide if finishing my degree is really worth the hassle....take one or two more classes if I decide it is.
    7. Complete some of the goals from last year that got marked "maybe next year" in the above quote.
    8. Nag Mastiff endlessly until he sends me that Automatic Post Condenser, the lying snake!

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003
    2004 -
    Because I did not write them down or post therefore maybe I don't remember.

    20005 -
    Not Really original at all -
    Take a real vacation (AIB Donk)
    Ride my bike more (again AIB Donk)
    Visit Gedunker (AIB Budgie/RT)
    Achieve Clubbbe level
    My Health - maintain weight, Diabetes management
    Read more

    I admire eG's goal of Helping 6 kids earn their Eagle Scout.
    since I am an Eagle Scout ('72) also

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    May 2004

    Happy new year everyone

    What kind of wishes and resolutions has everyone made for the new year?

    I plan to build Judy and I a small cabin this year.


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    Member japrovo's avatar
    Mar 2003
    Blacksburg, VA
    #1 Lose 10 pounds
    #2 spend more time with my family
    #3 defend my dissertation

    Of course 1&2 will be a breeze once I've accomplished #3.

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    Cyburbian clare2582's avatar
    Dec 2004
    Jamestown, New York
    I made a pact with my friends: "Mo lovin in '05"
    Not just lovin' lovin, but just being more loving people.

    Oh, and to quit smoking and being as wide as I am tall.

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