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Thread: How about story time?

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    May 2004

    How about story time?

    Here goes.

    I was headed to the burger joint for lunch, had the back of the pickup full of help. We ran out of gas at the top of hill just outside of Pekin IL. It was down hill for a mile to the gas station, so we coasted.

    I let her go with no brakes not wanting to push, as I approached the light just before the station I noticed it was red and cross traffic was moving about 55. It was then I saw the gap, a small gap but it looked perfectly timed, still no brakes.

    The fellas in the back realized what was happening and began screaming "no!" while pounding on the rear window. I told them to shut the hell up they are breaking my consentration. Bill was next to me in the cab but he just said "oh $hit" while grabbing the dash.

    We made the gap but no one would talk to me for the rest of the day, funny thing is I saw 2 of them a year ago and they still bring that story up.

    Had a friend in Peoria, big roofing contractor, he hired a new sub crew, gave them the address, on and off 2 days tops, he told them he would check on them about noon.

    At noon he went to the job, nobody there, he began to get pissed and went to the truck for his cell phone. While sitting in the truck on the cell phone he noticed the crews truck about a block down.

    You guessed it........The maggots tore off the wrong roof.

    On a roof in Henry Illinois, Mark says he has to use the restroom so I tell him where it is, Customers gone to town.

    Mark was about as crazy as they come but he always did somthing unexpected.

    About 45 minutes went by and no Mark. So I told the fellas to keep roofing I'm going for the maggot.

    As I enter the hall I see Mark coming out of the bathroom drying his hair, The a$$hole took a shower!

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