Last night while researching Brian Eno's career I discovered he is a board member of a foundation known as the 'Long Now'. This group is dedicated to promoting very long term thinking - on the scale of 10,000 years - and to this end has initiated several projects to foster this type of very-long-term thinking about humanity's future. One of the projects they're engaged in is the design and construction of a clock that will run for 10,000 years with minimal human assistance. The criteria for the clock's design itself is intriguing and includes considerations such as not being constructed of valuable materials that might be prone to looting, maintains accuracy, minimizes friction, and is in a geologically stable environment.

It's encouraging for me to think there are people in the world optimistic enough to believe in our future to embark upon a project of this nature. Hopefully some of this type of thinking will rub off on others as well. Just thought I'd share this interesting project with y'all. Has anyone else heard about the Long Now Foundation or this project before?