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Thread: Transit-oriented design and politics

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    Oct 2004
    Arlington, Va.

    Transit-oriented design and politics

    Interesting piece in Sunday's Washington Post. I don't want to copy and paste it here, since you can still read it free online if you don't mind registering:


    The Post claims that Virginia Republican Congressman Tom Davis is opposing a proposal to concentrate development around the Vienna metro, located in his Fairfax County-based district (so much for Republican desire for local control, I guess). Davis is a wily politician, and his concern is that Fairfax is trending Democrat, and the last thing that he needs is more urban-style development in his district since "all it does is produce Democrats," as he allegedly has said.

    Maybe this belongs in another thread, but I think that the political dimensions of planning as have played out in the Vienna case are illustrative. Fairfax is increasingly the battleground in the DC area for this sort of struggle between those who wish to pretend that the county is still rural (even though its population is over a million) and those who wish to introduce more urban-style development in a county dominated by a traditional (post war) suburban-style built environment.

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    May 2003
    Near the Geysers
    The biggest threat to democracy today.

    Voters don't choose their politicians. Politicians choose their voters.

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    May 2003
    City of Low Low Wages!
    Gerrymandering is as American as ringers, the mob, tax fraud, and ballot stuffing. And it's been around longer than most of them. 'Kinda sad that it's taking the form of derailing NU though.

    The CNU should hire el Guapo as a token Republican to parade out in front of these kinds of people. He can talk about how he rides his bike to his Ayn Rand fan club.

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