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Thread: PSO question

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    PSO question

    Does anyone know where I could get a hold of the PSO reps for schools? Is this public info? The SRC council depends on the PSO reps I believe. I could be wrong on all of this... But I am trying. Thanks!
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    Here is a link to the APA National page with info on PSOs.
    APA PSO page

    Most state websites also have links to the various PSOs. One imporant note is that the national site does not seem to list PSOs for colleges that are not accreditied by the PAB (I know this because I was president of one of these PSOs while doing my undergrad). Also, there are PSOs out there that simply don't match up exactly with the requirements of APA (we didn't have enough APA student members).

    I can at least hook you up with the PSO contacts for Texas, but I don't know about the other states. This will become an issue for me as well since I am the Student Activities chair for the 2006 Nat'l APA Conference in San Antonio and will be calling on PSOs for input. Also, most universities have a "Campus Activities and Student Organizations" office and website that probably has more current information.

    Sidenote: During my time as a PSO president and despite efforts to contact them, I never heard a single word from the SRC.

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    A lot of PSOs have web sites (though probably many are outdated). You can try to google them or go to the department web page at their schools. Also, you can call the department and ask if they have an active student organization. Whoever answers the phone should be able to point you in the right direction. The SRC Regional Reps should have some contact info, too. (Disregard if you are a Regional Rep.)

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