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Thread: Should I continue with architecture?

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    Should I continue with architecture?

    I'm a third year architecture student and I'm begining to wonder whether I should continue with my course. I like the design side of architecture but I am struggling with documentation resulting from my lack of knowledge and understanding of construction techniques. I have been visiting construction sites and looking at journals but it doesn't seem to be helping. Is it because I am only in third year? Or should I be really worried with my poor documentation skills?

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    If you really enjoy what you are doing, then you should hang in there. The knowledge of the "construction techniques" is something that you learn as you work your way through school, and it does not end once you start working in the field. The learning process never ends, so don't get discouraged!!!!!

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    why stop?
    there are many fields within Architecture which require little knowledge on Construction techniques. Animation companies, computer modelling, presentation etc. You'll find in an office people grow and change what they do and as a result there are special fields(Gaps) for people of different skills to fill.

    good luck!!!

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    Hi, this may sound strainge but i havent even started my architectural degree yet, i've just completed my A Levels, and I already have doughts. I am worried that the corse is too arty and not technical enought. Straingly enought I would prefer a course with more math and phisics involved rather then art. I have never done art befor only graphics at GCSE and A Level, i also did maths A Level. Does this mean i'm in the wronge feild all together
    Luv Rex

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    Rex, I don't know anything about A levels or GCSE, I'm not in England. However, in relation to your question you should probably investigate the subjects offered and focus of the architecture course at different universities, so you can figure out which course would suit your interests the best. It was compulsory at my university to take a subject that involved calulation of forces, overturning moments, etc, in buildings (which I struggled with because I did not take physics in my last year of high school!) So I found that there is a balance balance between the technical and artistic. However, if the technical side is what you are interested in, maybe you should consider civil engineering?!!

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