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Thread: GRE and another anxiety

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    Jan 2005
    Here, There

    GRE and another anxiety

    Hi all. I am new to this board. Just took my GRE yesterday. I got a 1220. How bad is that???? I just don't have the time to take it again in time for all my applications (which are on their way out the door!), how poorly do you think it will reflect? I am applying to Columbia, PSU, USC, and Rutgers.

    Also, which planning programs are nationally recognized. IE if I went to PSU's awesome awesome program, would I be able to come back to NYC and get a job??


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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    It has been over a decade since I took the GRE, so I really can't tell you how good that score is. Do they still score the exam with three sections, each worth 800 points?

    On the question of whether you could go to Portland and return to New York, the answer may be yes, but it might not be immediately. That really depends on what experience you get and how well-matched that may be to what the city needs at the time. You really limit yourself when you set your sights on just one employer.
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    On the score you should talk to the programs---I don't think they'd try to snow you just to get your application fee if you have no shot. And don't forget that GREs are only part of the package. You might also poke around the program webpages for student organizations whose members you might be able to get into some frank communication with about the application process.

    On the move, I'm in a slightly different situation having left Virginia after my Master's for a PhD in Portland. Five years later here I am back in Virginia. Point being---you never know. Its worth a try but as Cardinal said be prepared to spend some time in Portland (or more broadly in Oregon and the NW). Who knows, you might get out there and really like it (I did).
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