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Thread: Scale conversion question

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    Scale conversion question

    a puzzler: I've blown up a drawing which had a scale of one inch= 1,000 ft.
    It was enlarged by 175%. What is the new scale?


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    Sep 2001
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    Sounds like one of my GMAT practice questions.

    Should work out that 1 inch = 571 ft. (1000/175)

    I know my first reflex was to say 1=1750 but if you "blow" something up the scale has to shrink (ie the unit become smaller). No wonder I'm finding the math sections difficult, and yet another reason I leave scale to my techs.
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    If I just had a 1:571 scale, I'd be in hog heaven.

    Most US scales are 1:10, 20 ... 60 (or 100 ... 600) If you want to save time and consternation, reduce or enlarge with these scales in mind.

    I once got a record plat scaled at 1:75 Rejected it out of hand
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    Jan 2003
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    Hum.. shouldn't numerical scales be represented with the same units in both sides? Otherwise you'd have dumb and misleading scales of 1:1 that are actually 1 inch=1 mile.
    Also a small tip that can be used in both metric and crappy imperial systems: draw a graphical scale when enlarging or shrinking... so that way you can easily get the numerical one with just a ruler.

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