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Thread: Mass Transit Cost Comparisons

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    Mass Transit Cost Comparisons

    I realize there are a lot of variables involved, but is there any good resource that compares general estimates of capital and operating costs of various types of mass transit (subway, light rail, bus, monorail, PRT, etc.)?

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    Somebody could come up with a number but it'd be total bull****. Every system is differnt. Costs depend on things like union contracts, congestion, fare systems, age of system, and all manner of other things that have nothing to do with if it's light rail or subway.

    If you really want to generate a bull****, meaningless number, check out the National Transit Database: http://www.ntdprogram.com

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    Todd Litman (Victoria Transport Policy Institute) has done a lot of work in this area. His website is www.vtpi.org. I think you'll find specifically what you're looking for here.
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