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Thread: Diary of an Affair

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    Jun 2003
    NSW, Australia

    Diary of an Affair

    AIB: el Guapo's Reality TV Script

    Stan sat gazing at the shelves on his office wall - the spot where the window used to be. He wasn't thinking about anything in particular, it was just what he did for a good part of each day.

    His stupor was interupted when Aaron, the Planning Director for the vibrant, mixed use progressive community that employed Stan entered his office. Stan had been left behind by both his community and the athletic, handsome Aaron who had been employed out of Canada for a position Stan was in line for, just 18 months ago.

    Stan's world was about to turn upside though, for following a few steps behind Aaron was an intriguing stranger. Aaron was talking but Stan didn't hear a word as he studied the features of the stranger in minute detail .........

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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    Rem... don't bait the searchbots of the networks... I don't think Ms Selier will buy your story...

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