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Thread: Two questions about layout

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    Two questions about layout

    1) Has there been a change in the "Users Online" -- from alphabetical to -- perhaps by log-on order?

    2) Would there be major howling if the sub-forums were moved to the bottom of the page as opposed to the top? I know that Dan has spent some time recently freeing up space formerly taken up by "sticky" threads to give more real estate to the main forums. Case in point -- the CFFL subforum hasn't had any movement in days, but it's still at the top of the FAC. Alternatively, would it be possible to allow them to be "collapsed" so they take up less real estate? Just wondering what everyone might think.

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    On #2: If the sub-forums were below the FAC threads, they'd get even LESS traffic than they get now, so I doubt they'll move them

    On #1: I got no idea.. It apparently puts you first, then all the others in some unkown manner that I have not figured out, nor have I wanted to investigate.

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    Quote Originally posted by Gedunker
    1) Has there been a change in the "Users Online" -- from alphabetical to -- perhaps by log-on order?
    Yep, I noticed that too. But I don't know how it's determined now.

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    1) How about a SWAG -
    Order of registration.
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