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Thread: Public meeting procedure

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    Public meeting procedure

    Hi Everyone,
    It has been three months since my last confession. I'm sorry it may appear that I only get on the forums when I need something from everyone but what can I say....it is true. I seriously need to know where I can find some information on the proper way to run a public meeting 101...

    I'm talking about when to make a motion, second it, open a public hearing.

    The PC in one of my communities is asking me to put on a presentation or class for them explaining the process......and to be honest, although I've sat through many many meetings, I'm not confident teaching a class on the process.

    Any help?

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    Not that my county uses them, but check here.


    We use chairperson's rules....he/she makes the rules and everyone follows them.

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    DO NOT adopt Roberts Rules. Unless you read that bloody sucker from cover to cover --twice-- and follow every procedure to a "T", you're asking for trouble. Ask the municipal attorney, or your consulting attorney, for procedures acceptable in the state. Be sure the commission adopts by-laws that specify the procedures and that they follow them.

    Seriously, I've heard nothing but bad things about referencing RR and nobody having read them, having copies available at the meetings, et cetera.

    Don't worry about using us, Glomer. That's why we're here.
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