In the past few weeks, there have been frequent outages to the Web server that hosts Cyburbia. When the site is up and running, performance often leaves a lot to be desired.

There's not much I can do about performance and reliability issues from this end, except move Cyburbia to a different, more reliable Web hosting company. The traffic we experience, and demand we place on the MySQL database servers, is light by most standards, but the current host says that Cyburbia is becoming a drain on their resources.

When Cyburbia moves -- probably on the weekend of 28 through 30 January -- you might not be able to access it for a day or so, When a domain name is associated with a new IP address and nameserver, it takes a little while to propagate throughout the Web. I may also have to reconfigure and e-mail accounts, depending on whether the transition to a new server is smooth or not.

I'll keep you informed about what's going on. In the meantime, if you do have a Cyburbia e-mail account, make sure all messages are downloaded to your computer -- that they aren't kept on the server -- so you don't lose them if anything happens.