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Thread: Glenwood Park (in Atlanta) photo album

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    Glenwood Park (in Atlanta) photo album

    I got a chance to do more wandering around the New Urbanist development in progress near my house, GLenwood Park. I also got to chat with some of the earliest neighbors who seem to be loving it.

    My update is at:


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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    Interesting. It reminds me (to an amazing degree) of a Neo-Victorian development in the East Bay suburb of Hercules, CA. Hercules was once a gunpowder town, then it saw typical 70s style development, but recently decided to go "New Urbanist" There is an old core of company housing, ruined industrial buyidlings, and a couple of other company buildings-now being surrounded by a very dense (still $700k), actually somewhat well done New Urbanist town. To the north is a more conventional subdivision (front facing garages, for example)-but the development is built around an interesting, very formal park corridor. They are also moving toward old-timey commercial.

    Although "new," it is also "infill" in that it was not sold for development until quite recentl;y (The Hercules Company held onto it, I understand)

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