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Thread: MRP vs more specialized degree

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    MRP vs more specialized degree

    i'm looking at planning programs & wonder: is it better to get a MRP or to get an MA or MS in related field, such as resource management, econ, etc.? ultimately, i'd like to work in resource management or in sustainable land mgt. it seems that both a MRP and a MA in environmental management apply, and i'm not sure which would be the better choice. any advice??

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    Copy Planning Forum Post for same question---I recieved a BA in Urban and Regional planning from an accredited program and then proceeded to obtain a Masters in Regional planning from a non accredited progam. What I liked about the Regional planning program was the fact that I could take a very interdiciplinary program and form it and create an emphasis that I believed would assist me in what I wanted for my future career. So I guess to answer you question, it doesnt have to be to generalized as long as you understand what you want to gain from the degree and put a focus toward that emphasis. Just one opinion but I think your on the right track. Good Luck!

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    AVISAME -- Hopefully this is not too far "off topic," but if you're interested in resource or sustainable land management, why not apply for one of the many seasonal positions offered by the Forest Service, Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, or Fish & Wildlife Service. I did this prior to pursuing the MRP, and must say that it affected my career and choice of graduate school. These seasonal jobs don't pay well and generally do not exceed 180 days, but they do open doors within the various agencies and by providing an opportunity to see what folks working for land management agencies do, will give you insight as to the "real world." You can't fret too much about geography -- my first seasnal job with BLM took me from upstate New York to the wilds of Utah! To explore this, you should visit each federal land management agency website. Also, apply for the obscure. For example, well known places like the Grand Canyon get hundreds of applications for seasonal slots (many of whom are NPS returnees), while lesser known parks (i.e., Utah's Cedar Breaks National Monument) get only a handful of applicants.

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