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Thread: Bike-A-Thons Thread

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    May 2003
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    Bike-A-Thons Thread

    This Bear searched through all the bike-related threads here in snowy Cyburbia. Was looking for any reference to the many different bike-a-thon type events that are held throughout the country.


    In the Marquette, MI, area they hold a major mountain bike event in the summer, using mining roads and snowmobile trails to work their way downhill from the higher elevations (Negaunee, Ishpeming) west of town.

    In Colorado they hold a "Ride The Rockies" event. I was just reading (Denver Post article on the net) about this year's event and route.

    Every year the great rock and roll station in Toledo (WIOT) helps sponsor "Bike To The Bay".....a huge biking event that works its' way from Toledo, through farm country roads, to the ferries that shuttle riders to Put-In-Bay. I have never done this trip, although many of my friends have.....and speak highly of it.

    How about you? Any experiences with these types of events? Any plans?

    Bear On His Myata

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    Jul 1998
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    RAGBRAI is huge here. You have to apply to even ride it. Get the facts here.
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    Ride the Rockies is always a strenuous event. My close friend has ridden it many times, and if my training goes well, I may be there too.... welll maybe 2006.

    I do know of a couple more.
    Don't they close the route to the Los Angeles Marathon each year and have people bike it?
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    There are literally thousands of such events. Our local bike club in a city of 80,000 has three such events and KC to the South has even more.

    But the term "bike-a-thon is not used much anymore.
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