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Thread: Trip generation for funeral homes

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    Sep 2007
    Jacksonville, FL

    Trip generation for funeral homes

    I can't find this use in the ITE manual. Is anyone aware of any studies providing data for trip generation rates for funeral homes?

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    Mar 1996
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    I looked in the most recent ITE manual, and couldn't find it there either.

    Here's what I found in a staff report elsewhere online:

    • There are no trip rates for funeral homes in the ITE Trip Generation Manual.

    • A quick scan of ITE Journal articles did not yield any information.

    • An inquiry to traffic consultant contacts resulted in no one being aware of the existence of trip rates for funeral homes.

    • It was the opinion of OTS that most trips would occur during viewings and burial processions, which is assumed would not occur during peak traffic periods. However, it was acknowledged that the processions could interfere with industrial traffic on occasion.

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    Jul 2002
    Wellington, NZ
    I don't know what trip generation encompasses, so this may be a bit off-topic, but I once talked with a tow truck driver who was telling me all about how he used to own and operate a highly lucrative business transporting bodies around the country in unmarked vans. There are restrictions on transporting bodies by air, and so it is often easier and faster to transport them by land. He had several drivers and vehicles travelling long distances every day to pick up and deliver bodies.

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    Jul 2007
    Tullinge Sweden
    Interesting subject for a Master's thesis.
    I have found one reference:
    1. All such facilities shall be on land fronting on and with direct access to a road designated as a major thoroughfare (or higher) in the Comprehensive Plan unless the Board of Zoning Appeals finds that the type and amount of traffic generated by the facility is such that it will not cause an undue impact on the neighbors or adversely affect safety of road usage.
    2. Driveways and/or service drives shall be provided with direct but limited access to such major thoroughfare (1 above) for the forming of funeral processions so as not to impede traffic in the area.(fauquiercounty.gov/documents/departments/commdev/pdf/zoningord_amends/051007/ART_05.pdf)
    In other jurisdictions one might be able to get rough ideas from the parking regulations, e.g. 1 parking space per 4 seats.

    Although I'm no traffic engineer, I suppose you want to know both how much and when, ie. trip generation over time. And I can guess that some factors would be: size of funeral home (both seating capacity, and ability to handle multiple funerals), target clientele, number existing funeral homes (or a ratio of homes per 10,000 population within a given distance), local customs surrounding death-related rituals and ceremonies (cremation may generate different amount of traffic from burial, length of time between death and burial as a function of religion or tradition), location relative to hospitals/mortuaries, local death rates (possibly related to population structure by age). Perhaps these factors are so variable that it's difficult to establish a national standard?

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    Jun 2003
    De Noc
    In my fair city's code:
    Mortuary - one space for each 200 square feet of gross floor area.
    Now is that enough or too much ?
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    I once had to write a staff report for a proposed crematorium. There were no guidelines I could find anywhere about off-street parking requirements for such a land use. IIRC, it was approved with very few spaces (<8), but was never built.

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    Jul 2005
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    I would say that the actual trip generation rates are inconsequential when compared to the effect of your govt's policies towards off-duty cops stopping traffic to let the processions through. Good escorts can get them through with little disruptions, bad ones are unorganized and dangerous. Since the escorts disrupt the normal flows, there's no real comparison that would result in anything useful. Basically ask how many processions they'll have per day, and then ask yourself if you can stand that many 2-5 minute disruptions.

    If you must have the trip generation number and can't look an existing one, then perhaps look at some of the meeting room standards, seems like it would be similar. Small number of employees, then scattered but intense groups of visitors.

    I like the standard mentioned about being on the major streets, and would add something specific about providing enough stacking space for the average funeral procession (for that facility) to form up on the site before entering the street. 20-25 feet per vehicle.

    RTG, who regards cemetaries as only another, and especially long-lasting, type of sprawl.

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    Jun 2007
    I would think a mortuary would have similar trip generation rates to a religious facility or an auditorium.
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    Jan 2006
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    We recently had a funeral home get approved and I was looking for trip gens too. The owner indicated general times when they intend to have funeral services, which did not coincide with either of the peak hours. He also said that the average attendance for a funeral is about 60 people. Many of those will come 2 or more to a car...so I kind of assumed the average funeral would have a maximum of 30 cars. Therefore, it didn't seem to have a huge impact on the street LOS. However, there will be times when a high school kid or a popular public figure will "buy it" and you'll have a huge number of people show up for the funeral, but these are pretty rare occurrences.
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    Like others have said, I would think it would generate trip levels similar to a church. The one difference would be that there would be more events during the week.

    Utilize the peak hour of the generator numbers in addition to peak hour of adjacent street to see what total impacts are.

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