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Thread: Are you wireless?

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    Apr 2003
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    Are you wireless?

    Well, with changes in technology, and working for a city that likes to be slightly a head of the industry in resources we use, I was wondering who out there uses a wireless note pad, PDA, or other device for field work. We are looking at setting up one per car for Zoning/ Codes, Planning, and Building Inspections. What devices do you use, what do they do, what programs do you use?
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    Feb 2004
    We are currently using the Trimble Pro XRS system, with GPS, for doing some code enforcement, planning (inventory mainkly) and engineering. We are using some Homeland Security grant money to purchase some smaller PDA's and simple hand held GPS for use on a more regular basis and when we don't need submeter accuracy for GPS. We haven't purchased anything yet, but have looked at several different models.

    Our plan is to use the PDA's for field inspection and then upload the info to our desktops and then purge it from the PDA to save on memory space. Our biggest concern is getting a PDA that is capable of running the appropriate software (more than likely we will set up an excel file for inspections). Somewhere I have the information on the different models, but don't really have time to look for it right now. If I remember correctly, the handheld we were leaning towards (A compaq I think) was in the $400-$500 range.

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