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Thread: Mixed-income housing grad school project

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    Jan 2005
    Goshen, Indiana

    Mixed-income housing grad school project

    I am doing my final research on how to incorporate mixed-income housing into the future housing supply of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The city recently came up with a new master plan that calls for "mixed-income housing" for neighborhood development, however there are some obstacles and constraints that we've already defined (current zoning, bad perceptions of a targeted area for this development, lot allocation and conflicting POVs of different departments involved in a mixed-income housing interest) as being burdensome to this type of development.

    I was hoping to get the opinion of others out there who may have dealt with a similar issue in their community. Perhaps a similar problem with a master plan calling for something that with current zoning is a challenge if not impossible. What in the zoning ordinance was inhibiting mixed-income developments? What are some common scales for mixed-income developments (an entire neighborhood, a few blocks, a few lots) and are mixed-incomes well blended or still segregated within the designated "development"? Majority rental units or owner occupied or both? What types of developers were involved? Were they known for developing certain types of projects over others? Where are the majority of funds coming from (HOPE VI or CDBGs (I don't even know if these are used for these developments))

    Any information or advice would greatly help. I'm in the early stages of gathering data and forming my research proposals, etc. I'm also definitely not an expert in housing so if I'm way off on something, please bring it to my attention. Thanks for any help you may be able to give!

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    Feb 2002
    don't forget real market constraints such as land prices, consumer preferences etc...

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