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Thread: Quality of MUP program at University of Illinois

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    Quality of MUP program at University of Illinois

    I am considering attending UIC in the MUPP program. (I'm an IL resident -- thus the price is right.) Does anyone out there have opinions about / experience with the Masters of Urban Planning and Policy Program at the University of Illinois in Chicago? Of the 'research institutes' there, are any better known/admired (e.g. the Great Cities Institute)? Are any of the faculty particularly distinguished / capable / helpful? Finally, do any of the 'specialties' (community planning, economic planning, international planning, physical planning, transportation planning, housing) lead to better job opportunities/pay? And of these, which calls for the most 'creativity/originality' on the planner's part and which might (I realize this is somewhat subjective) offer the most satisfaction (in the sense of doing something that is really and truly important -- that is really and truly making the world a better place). Any help here will be greatly appreciated. -- J.

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    Why don't you consider U of I Urbana?

    I'm doing a master's there - from New York no less, and it's got evrything you could possibly want in a planning school.

    Plus, not only is it cheap for you, but they offer assistantships which cover tuition and grant you a healthy amount of spending cash as well.
    Take a look...www.urban.uiuc.edu.



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