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Thread: Online graduate programs in planning

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    Online graduate programs in planning

    I am a recent college graduate and have tanken a planning position with a smaller community. The closest Masters degree program is 95 miles away, which has led me to look at online alternatives for furthering my education in the planning and economic development fields. Does anyone have an idea of what is out there?

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    I know Penn State has some online community development classes that leads to some kind of certificate. And both PSU and USC have online GIS certification training.

    As for real graduate level classes leading to a Masters Degree, I'm not aware of any.

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    Online Planning Courses

    I recently stumbled on a site that offers planning and related couses online...www.fathom.com.

    The offerings are limited, but you might find one or two that interest you. In particular, there is a FREE seminar on Sustainable Development.

    Check it out.

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    Online classes

    There is not a whole lot out there in terms of planning education. Penn State offers a certificate in Community Development and hopes to have it as a Master's degree within 3 years.

    Kansas State has an on-line Master's in Environmental Planning that it has run for the military.

    Ohio State University is developing on-line continuing education classes for planners. That program will debut this fall.

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    Penn State

    PSU just sent me a survey to gather information about an online Masters Degree in Community and Economic Development, they say they're going to offer it Fall 2003, but they haven't listed prices yet.
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