I am wondering if people can give me some advice on whether obtaining an MS in Geography vs. an MURP/Regional Planning Degree is an good idea. The school I wish to attend, because of its proximity to where I want to live and my connections, offers an MS in Geography with a planning track. I spoke with a local planner and he told me that getting that degree shouldn't cause me too many problems in getting employed.

Plus, going to Western Washington University (the school with the MS in Geo) will allow me to study abroad in Greece next fall- helping to replan and develop a village there- and give me some experience studying foreign planning issues. I was accepted to University of Albany in NY, but am waiting on four more applications including WWU's and am weighing my options. I want to work in the city I live, as much of a pipe dream as that is, and going here would allow me to cultivate those relationships. Any opinions would be great!