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Thread: Dead Man Walking

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    Dead Man Walking

    I heard on the Daily Show (yeah yeah I know.....not real journalism...but then again...what is nowadays!) last night that MSNBC (Brian Williams) outed the Judge for Sadam Husseins Trial as being murdered, when he was alive and well.......then the news showed his face thinking he was dead......

    Hence the title, DEAD MAN WALKING..........
    I just imagine him telling his family that he'll be dead soon because some US reporter got it wrong....Positively Disgusting

    Is any of this true?
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    I watched the nightly news last night and I can you tell it's wrong. There was some confusion about the assassinated judge. USDOD reported that he was the lead judge for the tribunal, but that was corrected as he was just one among the twenty-nine. At no time was a judge's face shown -- the camera was behind the judge and focused on Saddam Hussein, or there were tight shots of the judge's hands.

    The assassinated judge and his lawyer son were shown in still photos -- portraits being held by the judge's brother.
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