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Thread: Becoming a planner

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    Mar 2005
    Toronto, Ontario

    Becoming a planner

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post on Cyburbia.....great site!

    I'm in the process of an MA on Immigration and Settlement
    and I have one class dedicated to the more urban planning
    aspect of immigration. I've found this class unbelievably
    interesting and am seriously considering a career somehow
    linked to planning and immigration. I realize, however, that more school
    will probably be necessary since I have no planning back-
    ground nor much math or science.

    Can anybody suggest any possible starting points or routes
    for a 24 year old with an MA in Immigration Studies who wants to
    redirect himself towards the planning industry? Any educational
    programs of note? I'm based in Toronto, but am not bound to it.

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    Sep 2001
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    Since you are in To and interested in Planning and have an MA in Immigration studies, i'd suggest trying to get a part time job/volunteer with one of the many ethnic based Business improvement Ateas (ie Little Italy, Greektown etc).

    You might also be able to find work related to planning in social agencies that help new immigrants learn about the City.

    The final thing that might be of interest is working in jobs related to demographics and trends.

    The job market, especially at the low end is very competitive in the GTA and one course probably would not cut it. Maybe try taking more electives from the Planning / Geography Dept?
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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Quote Originally posted by bluejoga
    I have no planning back-
    ground nor much math or science.
    That's the beauty of urban planning...you don't need a math or science background.

    U of T and York both offer Masters in the Planning. Ryerson, I think has some Continuing Ed classes that are planning (or at least environmentally) related. Volunteering may be a good start as Donk said. Your degree may actually be quite useful to some planning departments - Housing policy, Research, etc. Keep your eyes open - I think right now the City is hiring for students to do the annual Employment Survey (not a geat job, but a good start in the field).

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    Aug 2001
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    Like Tranplanner says, don't worry about the lack of math and science. You will pick up what you need to know. I am one of the people who believes you do not need a planning degree either. Find an aspect of the profession that is related to your background, and then just work your way in.
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