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Thread: Transportation Demand Modeling

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    Nov 2004
    Location, Location.

    Transportation Demand Modeling

    I just found out that I did not get a job because I had no Transportation Demand Modeling experience. I was otherwise qualified.

    I did not take it in school and I happen to have worked for MPOs that do not model. What is the best thing I can do to be able to get such a job? Is there any APA course or anything?

    Has anyone taken such a course (University or otherwise) in Connecticut?

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    I didn't get any real TDM experience through school either - though my thesis was based on the subject. I'm not sure what APA might have - if anything it would be policy driven, which might just be enough.

    You mentioned modelling, so can I assume you actually mean Travel Demand Forecasting, not TDM? Most of the software manufacturers offer their own courses, and for some you can get demo versions of the software to play around with on your own. ITE likely runs courses at various locations through the year. I'm not sure what schools are in your area...you'll have to do some research and see if any of them offer continuing education classes.

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