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Thread: Honor the Dear Leader by watching his television programming!

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    Honor the Dear Leader by watching his television programming!

    Thanks to a Japanese Web site, we can now experience some of the strangest television programming in the world.

    Links on the top of this page, marked 17時(約10分), 20時(約27分), 17時(約9分)and 20時(約30分, are to ASF files of nightly newscasts from North Korea. A very surreal experience; the announcers shout, and the set meets the dictionary definition for spartan. I believe the site is updated daily.

    EDIT: new broadcasta are updated at two day intervals.
    1st 5pm broadcast http://www.pyonkoma.com/houdou5.asf
    1st 8pm broadcast http://www.pyonkoma.com/houdou8.asf
    2nd 5pm broadcast http://www.pyonkoma.com/houdou51.asf
    2nd 8pm broadcast http://www.pyonkoma.com/houdou81.asf

    There's also a North Korean soap opera. Doesn't seem that much different than a Mexican soap, except everybody is wearing Kim Jong Il pins, and the music is very, very grating.

    Commercials, you ask? Nope. Commercials are for arrogant imperialists like the United States.

    Wish I could do screen captures.
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    how do find this stuff? do you make a conscious effort?
    Thanks for the find!
    Dude, I'm cheesing so hard right now.

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    Jan 2003
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    Wow... North Korea apparently got stuck in 1970.... I could only watch one video... and I got bored after like 2 minutes of seen the guy alone with a blue background.

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    The soap is quite entertaining.

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