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Thread: American town planning: how you guys do it

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    American town planning: how you guys do it

    I am an Australian town planning student, interested how America's tiers of government operate when it comes to development control. ie how much control local and state govt has? how the system works in regards to legislation and what delegations exist? any point of reference would be welcome. will swap info

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    This summer I had the opportunity to share an afternoon with several Australian planners. What I see as the major difference between the two cultures is that the Australian citizen is more comfortable with regulations. Perhaps this is due to more socialistic nature of your governmental history. In the states we often have a difficult time with citizens accepting development standards, under a percieved freedom to do anything with their own land.

    In the states the local level controls subdivision of land, zoning, design standards, historic preservation, business licensing and nuisances. The state passes 'enabling legsislation' granting such authority, with usually broad parameters.

    The state has jurisdiction over several environmental matters, such as hazardous wastes, major projects and water quality. Water and sewer systems usually require a state level review. Construction of major roadways is financed mostly by federal and state funds: construction proposals must be approved by the state.

    The state jurisdiction is more often than not the result of federal legislation as implemented through federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency.

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    I'am Indian boy ,completed my B.Tech in Urban and Regional Planning from Guru Nanak Dev University ,Amritsar . The Indian system is in this field is too traditional ,being America a leading nation in technological nation ,Iwanting details about the ,American planning procedure and how urbanisation sprawl is taking over its vast lands and how government copes to this infrastructure demands any comments will be helpful to me , you will kindly mail to tejinder2kin@yahoo.com.
    From :Tejinder

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