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Thread: Image sizes

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    Image sizes

    I was wondering if their was a way to manipulate image size in threads.

    You used to be able to use HTML code and specfify whatever width you wanted for an image, but now, it appears you can only use the actual size of the image posted in the gallery or a "medium" version.

    The problem is, my images are so high resolution, that the large size is too large to easily fit within the thread column width without the user having to curse the image over to the right (which is annoying). The "medium format" is too small.

    That leaves with having to degrade the resolution of the image and then upload it, which is time consuming. I would rather upload one-high resolution image and adjust the width accoringly in a thread.

    Is there any way this can be done?

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    I can look into hacking the IMG tag.

    The alternative would be to allow plain HTML, which would allow width and height variables in the IMG SRC tag. Thing is, the site and its users get opened up to a whole host of security and irritant issues; for example, someone could link to and play a MIDI file in their posts. It would make the life of the moderators much more miserable, and they've already got a lot ot deal with.
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