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Thread: Marvellous Melbourne

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    Marvellous Melbourne

    Been watching these forums for a while and havent really seen much of this Southern Giant, which I happen to live in, so I think it's time to introduce the Southern Most populus city on the planet

    Inner Melbourne from the air:

    Metropolitan Population: 3.6 million
    Latitude, Longitude: 37 49' S 144 58' E

    Voted World's Most livable city in the 90s.
    Largest, in land area, of all Australian Cities sprawling some 1500 + square kilometres.
    By far and away Australia's best city-wide transportation network, including Freeways, Suburban trains, trams buses and water taxis.

    Major Roads:

    Integrated Train and Tram map:

    some recent aerial photos courtesy of Adam From Oz on OzScrapers:



    Great site for Urbanphotos is www.urbanphoto.org/melbourne



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    Aug 2001
    I see that there is a large arterial or even highway adjacent to the water. I don't know much about Melbourne, so I was wondering is this a river, and did the City include any connections to the water area? I know that in Sacramento (California), where I used to live, one of the worst decisions ever made was to locate the I-5 Interstate highway right on the Sacramento River, between downtown and the river corridor... it effectively cut the City off from one of its best natural resources. Did Melbourne handle this a little better? It's a bit hard to tell from the photographs...

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    It's a rail line, built about 100 years ago

    In parts, it's started to get "built-over", up around the Docklands (west of the CBD) and South Eastern sides, there are long term plans to put decking over the lines, so as developments can be built on top of the lines



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