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Thread: Business improvement districts

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    Business improvement districts

    Good Day Fellow Planners, I am a graduate student in Regional Planning and currently working to finish up the Master's project of creating the conceptual plans for a Business Improvement District in a Massachusetts town. I have been researching the topic for approximately two months now, but would gladly welcome any suggestions from others on how best to implement a BID and other such criteria.

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    Dear Michael,
    You might want to contact Paul Levy of the Center City District in Philadelphia. It is an excellent example of a successful BID.

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    Business Improvement Districts"are a terrible idea
    ,letting the chamber of commerce have their own pr
    ivate police patroling the sidewalks and parks to
    discourage homeless people from using public parks
    is at least immoral and probably unconstitutional
    illtrained minimum wage thugs in uniform will cos
    t more than they are worth in lawsuits and tension
    .We must not treat our streets and parks as just
    another mall.Merchants can not design a civil soci
    ety as they are motivated by avarice and exploitat
    ion,leave the commons alone and lets be civil..

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