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Thread: Boondocks vs Walmart, Round 2

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    Jun 2004

    Boondocks vs Walmart, Round 2

    For those who missed, Aaron McGruder is at it again. Check out Sunday's Boondocks. It appears that Mr. McGruder has a beef with Walmart.

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    Nov 2003
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    In a kind of related topic, Wal-Mart think they're slick. There was an article in yesterday's Baltimore Sun about Wal-Mart wanting to build a supercenter in the Southern Maryland town of Dunkirk. The town has a square footage cap on retail development. What does Wal-Mart do? They come back to the town with plans to build 2 un-connected smaller stores side by side. One store would be supercenter like, and the other would be the lawn and garden center. They just don't get it. If this goes through, it will set an ugly precedent. Are you guys aware of any Wal-Mart stores like this where you live?
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    Check out this thread: Walmart's zoning loophole
    I'm sorry. Is my bias showing?

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