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Thread: Non-PAB accredited schools?

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    Non-PAB accredited schools?

    Out of curiosity, anyone have a list of non PAB accredited schools?

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    Well, that would be a long list. Wouldn't that be every school in the world not on their accreditation list?

    Are you looking for a non-accredited school that offers planning degrees? That would be a more exclusive list.

    The PAB offers a list of accredited schools here:

    The American Collegiate Schools of Planning has a list of non-PAB accredited members here:

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    Here are the ones from from Texas:

    Texas State University (excellent school, but I'm a bit biased here as an alumnus)
    Texas Southern University (don't know anything about it)
    Trinity University (used to have an urban affairs program, but I don't know much about it either)

    I'm not sure if any of the undergraduate degrees in Texas have PAB accreditation, if that's what you are looking for. I believe Texas A&M, University of Texas and UT-Arlington all have PAB-accredited graduate programs.

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    Sorry for the lack of clarity.

    I meant list of non PAB accredited schools in the United States with a planning program. (grad or undergrad)

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