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Thread: If you could live in a different country ...

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California

    Copenhagen or New Zealand (with a tiny hijack)

    I would like to try Copenhagen, Denmark. I love nordic classicism in architecture, Scandinavian modernist furniture, waterfront towns, the Stroget pedestrian zone, and the whole emphasis of the country on sustainable communities, energy efficiency, public transit, and cycling. Sounds like a great place, even though Danish is supposed to be a bear.

    I would say New Zealand-except it seems a little isolated. But, since I never even leave California anymore, what am I worried about?


    Hey, JNL, I just read an account claiming New Zealand went through Thatcherism on steroids.

    "The result in New Zealand has been the emergence of a social stratum that never existed when the country was burdened with a universal wlefare state - an economically marginalized, socially excluded underclass of welfare dependents. For anyone familiar with American right-wing theories, the unprecedented gorwth in that country of an underclass is richly ironic. . .beyond the growth of the underclass, New Zealand has experienced an astonishing growth in economic inequalities of all kinds. . ."

    The auithor, one John Gray WAS a major source of the ideology behind Thatcherism (neoliberal free market purism). He has changed his mind, mainly because he feels that pure free-market globalism estroys the cultural roots of a society needed to mitigate the chatoic impacts of free markets. (He quoted statistics about how the crime, welfare dependency, economic failures, and social decay increased dramatically to almost American levels under the Iron Lady) This is a conservative view in some ways.

    Oh well, back on topic: Wellington, NZ would be cool!

    Melbourne might be nice.

    And, I would love to at least try the Lake Country in Chile

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    Originally posted by prudence
    NZ has ... Kevin Sorbo
    Not since the 'latest' roddenbury (sp?) rip-off started. Starship Andromeda severely sucks a*s, to quote a friend of mine.

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    Oct 2000
    Under a pile of back issue Plannings
    Originally posted by JNL

    Kelly - what do you mean by exotic?? It's not a word that I would have chosen to describe NZ. Maybe exotic in comparison to where you live?
    Australia and New Zealand have that whole "Down Under" mystique going on. For english speaking countries, scads of people have been to england, but how many americans say "oh, I used to work in New Zealand". guaranteed ooohs and aaaaahs. NZ really is exotic compared to upstate new york. And Lord of the Rings made it look cool as all get out. However, now that I think about it though, I would wager that most high school seniors here have no idea where NZ even is.

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