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Thread: Urban planning, design, and the environement

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    Mar 2005
    Montreal, Canada

    Urban planning, design, and the environement

    Hi, I am basically looking for some advice on the urban planing profession. After un-passionatly studying environmental sciences and mech. engineering I have decided to look into a field wich seems to embrace my environmental values as well as my design and architectural interests. Am I right to believe so?

    Also, Is Autodesk VIZ usefull to this field of study as it seems it's possibilities in conceptual imaging are great. I have some knowledge of this program as well as my autodesk accreditation and would like to be able to use it.

    thanks in advance for your input.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    You might be able to use Autodesk, but from my experience, it is a slim chance. Planning can encompass what you are looking for so long as you do not let yourself get boxed into a specialized part of the field. You might take a look at landscape architecture as an alternative.
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