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Thread: Planning programs in southeast US with a transportation focus

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    Planning programs in southeast US with a transportation focus

    I'm trying to locate schools in the Southeast to apply to for planning. For the sake of argument, I am calling the southeast DC or below and east of Texas.

    I will definitely be applying to UNC (I'm in state), but am having trouble finding out about the reputation and focus on transportation at other schools?

    Any direct recommendations, or ideas about how to better obtain this information?

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    If you don't mind spending a few bucks you could purchase a copy of the guide to graduate planning education from the American Planning Association's bookstore. It would give you details on each school, at least the accredited ones.

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    Georgia Tech has an excellent school of planning and offers a joint degree program with Civil Engineering.

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    Look at UNC, Georgia Tech, and Florida State. With the formation of the new Smart Growth Center and the luring of Quin Shen from MIT, U of MD might also be on your list (most diverse city with a multimodal transporation system).

    Have to admit I am biased as I have a BA Maryland (Urban Studies, 94), MCP Georgia Tech, 97, MS Georgia Tech 98

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