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Thread: montreal mini-thread: 25 spring photos on ste-catherine

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    montreal mini-thread: 25 spring photos on ste-catherine

    the weather here has been warm and beautiful lately and it's a holiday weekend. naturally, i have a cold. luckily, today i felt well enough to head downtown on this vendredi saint to wander down ste-catherine street.

    there's only 25 photos, so feel free to pick out anything that catches your eye and comment on it.

    we start at st. james' church.

    okay, we're a block off ste-catherine now, on guy street, but whatever.

    the end.

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    Cyburbian cmd uw's avatar
    Jan 2005
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Nice pics, I believe you also posted these on SSP.

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    Jan 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
    Cool...Street photography...Ive heard of this..candid snapshots of strreetlife, catching the feel and look of the city.....you pix really animate the place, they people the cityscape. Very good.

    Just a question, do people ever confront you when you snap pix of them...I'm pretty shy so usually avoild people pix....

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