I graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering and have been working in water resources at a civil engineering firm for almost a year. I've also held an internship with the public works department of the City of Austin and gained experience in GIS.

Ive never really enjoyed the line of work I've found myself in and have finally had the time to recognize that the real reason I chose my major was because of my interest in planning and urban design.

I'd like to attend graduate school in the near future to pursue a MSCRP, but would like to find a job first to familiarize myself with the field and save up before going back to school.

With my background, what kind of positions do you think I would qualify for and what kinds of jobs should I look for?

I am prepared to take a big pay cut and take any intern/entry level position that would give me some real experience. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with the job market in this area, but Im interested in moving back to Austin, TX.

Im just beginning to look into new opportunities, so any advice would help!