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Thread: Top 150 Places To Live In The U.S. = Utter Nonsense

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    Aug 2003
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    Top 150 Places To Live In The U.S. = Utter Nonsense

    Dismissing most of the major metropolitan cities in the country as "too huge" totally destroys any credibility this list may have had.

    Lots of people like big cities, and hey, guess what, that's why they're expensive!

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    Dec 1998
    It appears that the list won't be published until July. I guess we have to wait until then....
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    I saw my home area, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY near the top of one of those lists last year. Sure, we have low crime and good school districts, but other than that, it's a completely decentralized, unwalkable, sprawl-infested, SUV-dominated landscape. (If this is among the very best places to live in the US, then I'll eat my hat. ) So yeah, the list lost a lot of credibility in my eyes.

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