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Thread: Are RVs the millenium the post WWII suburban tract house?

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    Are RVs the millenium the post WWII suburban tract house?

    I ran across the article in the Washington Post about people living year round in RV parks because of the high cost of living in the DC area? The article lists some of the pros and cons of RV living. I couldn't do it. I need space.

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    When callers hear her park's monthly rate, about $1,400 per RV, many believe they can find a place to live for less, Stabinsky said.

    "Then they try, and they can't," she said. "And they call back and ask for a space."
    Huh? They must not have looked very hard... it only took me a minute to find tons of places in NoVA for under 1,400 a month on craigslist.

    $795 / 1br - OLDE TOWNE ALEXANDRIA
    Date: 2005-04-08, 5:19PM EDT

    Charming 1Br apt. just one block from the E. Braddock Road Metro. Just minutes from Old Towne Alex. Freshly painted and all new w/w carpet. Ready for occupancy, one months rent security deposit required.

    N. West Street at King Street

    Hey, sounds pretty nice. I don't really think I have a problem with housing markets where most single individuals can't afford to buy homes. Maybe I'm fascist for believing that familes should own homes and individuals should rent. In fact, if people refuse to rent an apartment and would rather spend double the money on renting space in a trailer park, then it's their godgiven right to go buy a $100,000+ RV and complain about how expensive the cost of living is. I just don't like it when newspapers take people like them seriously as rational individuals!

    Gross median rents, 2003:
    Washington, DC $618
    Arlington $897
    Alexandria $861
    Baltimore $498

    ^ Sure in 2005, these medians are all higher, but not $1,400. The DC area is getting bad, but it's not that bad.

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    Sounds like some sort of yuppie trailer park

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