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Thread: Our Scattered Families

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    Cyburbian urbanchik's avatar
    Mar 2005
    Detroit, MI
    My husband and I have no family in Michigan. Our families are in Florida, Vegas, D.C. and Europe. Could we be any more spread out? A lot of our friends are in similar situations. Detroit reluctantly lures folks from all over the world for employment in very specialized fields related to the car industry. But families of those employed rarely seem to follow. We have conference calls with our families at least once a week, and earn a lot of miles traveling throughout the year. In 5 years, we have never vacationed where we weren't visiting family or close friends.

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    Jun 2004
    Mom and Dad and all of my aunts are right here within 10-20 minutes of me
    Brother lives in Pheonix
    2 Uncles and Great Aunt live in Sacramento and Oakland, CA
    We are all really close, I tried to move away once..took me about 6 months, realized I missed them and I wanted the boys to be around grandma and grandpa as much as possible, so I came home...I am happier here.

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    Jul 2003
    Who cares.
    Parents and grandmother in north-central and southeast Indiana, in-laws in central and southern Indiana, nieces in Dallas, uncles in Seattle, Anchorage, and Teignmouth, UK, cousins in Spain, London, Exeter, and Hong Kong, aunt in Norway, 2nd cousins in Illinois, San Francisco, and Yap. Needless to say, we're not too big on family reunions.

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    Cyburbian Floridays's avatar
    Jul 2002
    South FL
    Before I moved to Florida, my immediate family (mom, dad, brothers/sisters in law, etc).all lived in the same state.

    Most of my aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparent are up in the Baltimore/DC area or NYC.

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    Jun 2003
    at the neighboring pub
    Entire family is in Texas, but Texas is big enough that they might as well be in another state in some cases.

    Brother 1, wife, 2 kids: Grapevine, TX (mid-cities suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth)
    Brother 2, wife, 2 kids: Mansfield, TX (southern suburb of Fort Worth)
    Uncle/Aunt 1: Lubbock, TX
    Aunt 2: Henrieta, TX (between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, TX sort of)
    Nephew: Lubbock, TX (son of brother 1, divorce)
    Parents: Canyon Lake, TX
    Grandma 1: Midland, TX
    Grandma 2: New Braunfels, TX

    Brother 1 would definitely sympathize with RJ. They divorced for what sounds like the same reason. Brother 1 was transferred with his job to Altoona, PA while his son stayed with his ex in Lubbock. He would fly his son to Altoona once a month and got him all summer. He was an absolute wreck when after he would go put him on the plane.

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    Oct 2001

    more chutes than roots

    To beging with my paternal grandfather came from eastern euorpe somewhere -- family history is vague on this as well as just how he came to settle among the Scotts-Irish immigrants in small town western PA. My parents moved from there to Cle OH seeking opportunities of their own. We took bi-annual vacation trips back to PA or to Detroit to visit aunts/uncles/grandparents. Some from both sides of the family moved to CA, never to be seen by us again. My PA cousins moved to AZ and TX. My four siblings and parents are all still in NE OH. Chance and couousity have brought me to eastern MD. There has never been a big Adaptor family reunion

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    Aug 2003
    The Wonderland Way
    Brother and his family in small-town New Hampshire.
    Mother in college town New Hampshire.
    Sister in the "Big D", Dallas, Texas.
    I'm in the Hoosier state just spittin' distance of ol' Kaintuck.

    Mom's the founder of the family wanderlust. Born and raised in Denmark (she's still a Danish national), she came here after WWII and lived in very briefly in east-central Indiana, New York City, and for most of her life where we were raised -- The Garden State.
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    Dec 2004
    At Silly Mid-Off
    I have a very small family. My mum and dad were only children, so no aunts/uncles/cousins and all my grandparents have died.

    So that leaves my mum and dad, and my two brothers. My mum and dad still live near Cambridge, where I grew up. My oldest brother lives in (Hungarian) Romania (he's lived all over though- New Hampshire, the UAE, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Turkey). My middle brother fairly recently moved back to England from Kazakstan, and now lives about 20 miles from my mum and dad.

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