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Thread: new montreal street photos: gloomy spring, sunny spring, blacked-out spring

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    new montreal street photos: gloomy spring, sunny spring, blacked-out spring

    i. gloom

    we start downtown, on maisonneuve blvd.

    down to the saint cat...

    and up to park and st-viateur in the holy mile end.

    ii. sun

    on wednesday it was warm and sunny, so i decided to skip class and wander around. i started at park and prince arthur; headed east to the carré st-louis; then east down cherrier and sherbrooke; down panet; east along ontario to fullum; down fullum to ste-catherine; and then west along ste-catherine to bleury.

    if you want to follow it on a map:


    surprise! this is the 18,000th photo taken with my camera:

    fast-forward to ste-catherine and st-denis.

    UQAM students hanging out...

    nearby, the corner of ste-élisabeth and ste-catherine presents the choice of six screens of porn, pho and a great pub up ahead.

    trendy shops. the red light district is gentrifying...

    the great belgo building (full of art galleries and studios) at ste-cat and bleury.

    back to the corner of jeanne-mance.

    iii. blackout

    last night, just as the sun was setting, the power in mile-end and outremont cut out. the corner of park and bernard, where drivers and pedestrians were understandably confused:

    strangely, during the height of the blackout, a few buildings here and there had power. at 7:30 the streetlights and traffic lights on park came back on and about half of the buildings on the street regained electricity, but other streets were completely dark all night. my power wasn't restored until the morning and most shops and restaurants were forced to close on one of the busiest nights of the week. and no apology from hydro-quebec! assholes.

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    Thanks, Chris. I love your urban everyday life photos!

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    i like your urban photos too

    and more and more i like canada
    i´ve never been there, but i´d really like to visit it

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