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Thread: Broadband Warning - Toronto Neighbourhood - Part 2 - Chinatown

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    Broadband Warning - Toronto Neighbourhood - Part 2 - Chinatown

    Here are some pictures from Chinatwon.

    Note that Chinatown along Spadin used to be the heart of the immigrant Jewish community in Toronto. A few remnants remain, but mostly they have moved further up Bathurst and to the suburbs.

    Here is Grossman's House of the Blues

    and an art store that remember going to as a kid, same crusty old guy running it.

    Note the dedicated streetcar line. If only they'd allow bikes to use this corridor as well.

    Moose on the loose in TO

    This is one of the few with its rack attached, most were stolen. Other themes I've seen include a lawyer moose, hockey moose, Indian moose.

    Chinatown is the main entrance to the City's Kensington Market neighbourhood.

    I will probably add more to this thread as I sort the pictures out.
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    nice little tour.

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    When I visited Toronto I recall walking down one of the streets in the pix...I think it was Bathurst Street...there is a circle on it, with this old building in the middle..Spadina Circle. If I recall right this neighborhood isnt to far from the university....I recall walking back to the hotel on Dundas Street..it was like Chinatown was moving east on Dundas, I think....

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