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Thread: HUD Homeownership Zone (HOZ) program: what happened?

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    HUD Homeownership Zone (HOZ) program: what happened?

    I was doing some research on providing affordable housing and came across a HUD program called Homeownership Zones (HOZ).

    The Homeownership Zone Initiative (HOZ) allows communities to reclaim vacant and blighted properties, increase homeownership, and promote economic revitalization by creating entire neighborhoods of new, single-family homes, called Homeownership Zones. Communities are encouraged to use New Urbanist design principals by providing for a pedestrian-friendly environment, a mix of incomes and compatible uses, defined neighborhood boundaries and access to jobs and mass transit.
    Link to HOZ Program website

    This is something our City would probably like to get into. Does anybody know the story on why the only two years this program received funding were 1996 and 1997? It seems like it could be a very successful program that might receive bipartisan support--homeownership is as American as apple pie, right? It's not like the houses are being given away as near as I can tell, plus it promotes housing near employment centers to reduce the burden to residents. In a world of higher gas prices, this program seems more appropriate now than ever before.

    So why did this program fall of the map? It seems like this could be partnered with the HOME program similarly to how it was linked in 1997 to Economic Development Initiative (EDI) funds.

    Does anyone know who I should contact to see about reviving the program?

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    Maybe because subsidized gentrification is more profitable. Need those loft and condos. They are soooo sexy!!!! That "Creative Class" is sooo hiiiip and cooool. Here comes my lunch---upchuck!

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    I think it was because the home ownership levels have REALLY increased a bunch every year for the last 15 years???? Anyone have the statistics to back up my ranting.....come on, there must be one slacker out there willing to do this work for me
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