Anyone have some idea of places to begin looking for internships? There are a couple of companies here that I think I will send my resume to, but I dont have just a whole lot of leads. I would prefer to work for a private firm, just because Ive already had two internships in the public sector (both City of Austin, one with Trans, Planning, and Sustainability Department and one with Pub. Works)

I am graduating in one week with a BA in Geography (focus in urban/regional analysis and minor in Architecture), and will start school again in the fall at UT-Austin for my MS in CRP.

I know ArcGIS better than most people that I am graduating with and have used it in both of those aforementioned internships, so I could go both the planning route or the GIS route for an internship.

Thanks in advance for any leads anyone can provide!

Oh, and it needs to be a paid internships at the City were both unpaid and I can't afford to spend my time doing that anymore