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Thread: ArcGIS 9.1 will be shipping soon

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    ArcGIS 9.1 will be shipping soon

    I just got the letter announce that ArcGis 9.1 will be shipping soon. I was reading through some of the changes. Just when i thought they were making all the good stuff availble as a extensions it seems that they are doing the opposite and consolidating extensions back into ArcGis. ArcPress, ArcScan, and Maplex will be standard with ArcInfo. ArcGIS street map seems to be added as well. For more info click here

    What does other users thank about this?

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    I'd be counting the days if they gave us any clue of when it would be shipped. I've never used StreetMap before, but struggle with varying quality of road datasets, so I'm looking forward to this capability. We already have the ArcPress extension, but haven't gotten much use of it since ArcView 3.x. It seems to offer myriad ways to screw up printing, when a good HP plotter has all the capabilities most users need.

    The added geoprocessing functions to ArcView 9.1 should be good. I don't know half of them yet, but am looking forward to catching up with the latest techniques.

    Let's be frank. The real reason I'm excited about 9.1 coming is the same reason you all are: it fixes "1,700" bugs, which crash ArcMap all the time. Basically, they're finally fixing stuff which other software companies might call a "beta" release. I try to remind new users that there's a reason they call themselves the Environmental Systems RESEARCH Institute. They don't claim to have it right already, but just want to be cutting edge. Well, I'm happy with it, anyway.

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