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Thread: Urban transportation and gentrification

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    Apr 2005
    Washington, DC

    Urban transportation and gentrification

    I am working on a paper on the effect a new urban infill metro station has on economic developent in the neighborhood, and the potential relationship between metro stations and gentrification. My focus is Washington, DC (New York Avenue metro station and Congress Heights metro station). Any thoughts on urban transportation and gentrification? I would appreciate any guidance towards resources on the issue... I have explored the usual locations (ULI, Brookings, etc).


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    Apr 2005
    first-ring suburb
    Way back as an undergrad I did a thesis on gentrifying neighborhoods in DC, and whether they were more likely caused by historic district designation or proximity to a new Metro Station. All my info is in storage somewhere, but there was a major paper along the same lines written by a professor (maybe at GW Univ?) around 1989/90 written on a similar topic...seems like ancient history now...good luck with your research, I'd love to hear more about it.

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